2016 -  AA Wallace, Adam Christie, Alana Yorke, Ali Badshah, Alphacub, Aparna Nancherla, BADBADNOTGOOD, Barlow, Basia Bulat, Beauts, Black Moor, Blonde Elvis, Bobb Kerr, Botfly, Bravestation, Cactus Flower, Century Egg, Certi, Chastity, Cheryl Hann, City Natives, Crossed Wires, Dan Hendricken, Daniel Caeser, Dub Kartel, Dumpster Mummy, EDDY, Everardo Ramirez, First Fragment, Freelove Fenner, GEIL, Germaphobes, Grandtheft, Greys, Hannah Georgas, Harrison, Heaven For Real, Heidi Brander, Hey Rosetta!, Holy Fuck, Jay Arner, Jay Mayne, John River, Kayo, Kestrels, Kronos, Kyle Kinane, Lady Wray, LAPS, Laura Sauvage, Like A Motorcycle, Loveland, Maccie, Mary Green, Matt Wright, Matty Galaxy, Mega Bog, Megan McDowell, Mick Futures, Mo Kenney, Monomyth, Moonsocket, Moss Lime, Nap Eyes, Not You, OKAY TK, Old And Weird, Orchid's Curse, Partner, Pat Stay, Pet Sun, Petra Glynt, PHERN, PKEW PKEW PKEW, Poets For Progress, Programm, PUP, PUSHER, Quake Matthews, Raw Cypher, Reeny Smith, Repartee, Royal Canoe, Sara Schaefer, Schmieds Puls, Scumgrief, She-Devils, Sleepshaker, Soft Spot, Steve Mackie, Struan Sutherland, Sunshine & The Blue Moon, Supermoon, The Barr Brothers, The Belle Game, The Highest Order, The Luyas, The Painters, The Yips, Thrillah, Traces, Travis Lindsay, TUNS, Voivod, Walrus, White Lung

2015 -  A Sight For Sewn Eyes, Adam Christie, Adrian Teacher, Adrienne Fish, Alana Yorke, Alvvays, Andy Shauf, Andrew Bush, Barlow, Beauts, Best Fiends, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Bob Kerr, Braids, Brian Kremer, Cactus Flower, Cancer Bats, Cheryl Hann, Cloud Nothings, Cross, Cryptorips, Dan Hendricken, Dcf, Dear Rouge, Doldrums, Don Brownrigg · Dorothea Paas · Dub Kartel, Dynfari, Each Other, Eat,Pray,Lol, Elsa Cross, Emilie & Ogden, Eric Andre, Energy Slime, Everardo Ramirez, Fake Tears, Ferraro, Gavin Stephens, Gina Chavez, Glory Glory, Grimegod, Grounders, Harley Alexander, Heaven For Real, Heidi Brander, Jana Hor, Jazz Cartier, Jenn Grant, Jon Blair, Jon Mckiel, Jonathan Terrell, Joyfultalk, July Talk, Kaitlin Shuvera, Kathleen Mcgee, Kris Delmhorst, Language Arts, Like A Motorcycle,  Little You, Little Me, Loveland, Majical Cloudz, Mardeen, Marine Dreams, Mark Little, Mauno, Meg Mackay, Megan Mcdowell, Monomyth, Moon, Nap Eyes, Negura Bunget, Neil Hamburger, Nick Ferrio, Nick Flanagan, Pale Lips, Parliament, Pineo & Loeb, Port Cities, Psychic Fair, Purity Ring, Rain Over St. Ambrose, Rebecca West, Rich Aucoin with Symphony NS, Ryan Hemsworth, Seoul, Silas Lowe, Skylar Spence, Slim Twig, Sorrey, Steve Maloney & The Wandering Kind, Stars, Struan Sutherland, Suicideyear, Sun K, T-Woo, Tasseomancy, Taylor Knox, The Brood, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Everywheres, The Lord Almightys, The Men, The Weather Station, The Yips, Tough Age, Un Blonde, Unreal Thought, Vogue Dots, Vulva Culture, Walrus, Weed Thief, Weirdo Click, White Reaper, Year Of Glad

2014 - AA Wallace, Abdul Butt, Adam Christie, Against Me!, Ain’t No Love, Aisha Alfa, Alfie, Ambition, Andrew Bush, Astral Swans, Austra, BADBADNOTGOOD, Bob Kerr, Brave Radar, Bry Webb, Cam Smith, Chad VanGaalen, Charlotte Day Wilson, Cheryl Hann, City Natives, Coco Barracuda, Cold Specks, Colour Code, Construction & Deconstruction, Cousins, Coyote, Crosss, Dagan Harding, Danny Brown, Dark for Dark, David Heti, Dead Horse Beats, DJ James Reid, DJ Uncle Fester, Dregs, Dub Kartel, Dyscontrol, Everardo Ramirez, Freelove Fenner, Gay Nineties, Geordie Miller, Ghostface Killah, Gianna Lauren, GIORDANI, Glory Glory, Good Morning Tonight, Grump, Gypsophilia, HAG FACE, Hand Cream, Harley Alexander, Heaven for Real, Heidi Brander, Ill.Gates, Jay Mayne, Jen Kirkman, Jennah Barry, Jon Blair, Jon Mckiel, Jules Bangsworth, Kalle Mattson, Kappa Chow, KDZ, Kestrels, Kevin Drew, Kim Churchill, Kim Harris, Kuato, kurvi tasch, Lights, Like A Motorcycle, Loukas Stilldrunk, LTTRS & NMBRS, MAICAMIA, Mardeen, Mark Little, Megan McDowell, Michael Feuerstack, Mike Boyd, Mo Kenney, Molly Thomason, Moon, Most People, Mounties, Mozart’s Sister, Negative Rage, Nick Ferrio & His Feelings, Nick Hood, Nick Thune, Nicole Ariana, Nigel Chapman, Old and Weird, Operators, OUTTACONTROLLER, Panos, Paper Beat Scissors, Petra Glynt, PINEO & LOEB, PS I Love You, Quake Matthews, Quiet Parade, Raekwon, Renny Wilson, Rich Aucoin, Rush Midnight, Ryan Hemsworth, Sandi Rankaduwa, Sheer Agony, Single Mothers, Smalltown DJs, Soft Spot, Solids, SonReal, Soupcans, Strange Attractor, Swearin’, Take Part, Tanya Tagaq, Technical Kidman, TEEN, Teenage Kicks, Telstar Drugs, Tennyson, The Everywheres, The Flatliners, The Walkervilles, The Wayo, The Wooden Sky, This Ship, Thrillah, Thugli, Tokyo Police Club, Tony Haze, Twin Shadow, Un Blonde, Veneers, Vogue Dots, Walrus, Weekend Dads, Weirdo Click, Whitehorse, WHOOP-Szo, Willie Stratton & The Boarding Party, Windom Earle, Woadie, WTCHS, Zeds Dead

2013- A.A. Wallace, Action Bronson (last minute cancellation due to health emergency), Adam Christie, Adam Mowery and The Deadly Women of Ontario, Al Tuck, Alana Yorke, Ambition, Andy McDaniel & Charles Austin, Aqua Alta, Arcane Threat, BA Johnston, BADBADNOTGOOD, Banded Stilts, Billie Dre & The Poor Boys, Black Mold, Bloody Diamonds, Bob Kerr, BRAIDS, Brian Aylward, Brian Posehn, Broken Deer, Bryant Thomson, By Divine Right, Castle Wolfenstein, Chad VanGaalen, Chairs, Cheryl Hann, Chief Thundercloud, Cold Warps, COUSINS, Coyote, Craig Martell, Crosss, Cursed Arrows, Dana Beeler, Dance Movie, Dark for Dark, David Heti, Dead Horse Beats, DIANA, Dirty Beaches, DJ James Reid, Doomsquad, DUSTED, Dyscontrol, Elgin­Skye, English Words, Everardo Ramirez, Express & Company, Fat Stupids, Find The Others, Force Fields, Fucked Up, Full of Hell, Gabriel Minnikin, Gabrielle Papillon, Ghostkeeper, Glory Glory, Gloryhound, Grandtheft, Great Lake Swimmers (solo), GROUNDERS, Gwen West, Hannah Georgas, Heather Green, Heaven For Real, Heavy Meadows, Hermitofthewoods, Hollerado, HSY, Hua Li, Husband/Knife & The Drone, ISBN, Islands, Jane’s Party, Japandroids, Jay Arner, Jerk Damaged, Jess Reimer, Jessie Brown, Joel Plaskett, Jon Blair, Jon Mckiel, Jon Mick, Jon Samuel, JonahMeltWave, KASHKA, Kayo, KEN mode, Ketamines, Killer Mike, Kim Harris, Kuato, Kurvi Tasch, Kyle Hickey, Ladies of the Canyon, Laugh Sabbath, Le Trouble, Leif Vollebekk, Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire, Lightmares, Like A Motorcycle, Lindy, Louise Burns, Lunice, Machinegun Suzie, Mark Grundy, Mary Beth de Scène, MattyBoh, Meg MacKay, Megan Bonnell, METZ, Miles Jones, Mo Kenney, Monomyth, Moon, Moonsocket, Nap Eyes, Negative Rage, New Flesh, Nick Bike, Nick Ferrio & His Feelings, Nicole Ariana, Night Surf, NMBRS & LTTRS, No Joy, North Lakes, Obits, Old and Weird, OLD MAN, Orchid’s Curse, Ought, OUTTACONTROLLER, PANOS, Paper Beat Scissors, Pat LePoidevin, Paul Doucette, Paul Warford, Pick a Piper, Pink Wine, Poor Young Things, PsycThaPrince, PUP, Quake Matthews, Quiet Parade, Quivers, Racoon Bandit, Rah Rah, Rain Over St. Ambrose, Renny Wilson, Repartee, Rich Aucoin, Royal Canoe, Saffrons, Sahara Dragon, Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs, Sandi Rankaduwa, Sara Hennessey, Sea Glasses, Seoul, Shad, Sheepman, Slight, SoHo Ghetto, Solids, Struan Sutherland, Suuns, Take Part, Taryn Kawaja, The Almighty Rhombus, The Bad Lads, The Besnard Lakes, The Bicycles, The Caravan, The Darcys, The Devin Cuddy Band, The Everywheres, The Highest Order, The Meds, The Mellotones, The Motorleague, The Mouthbreathers, The New Blonde, The Plan, The Reference Desk, The Space Age, The Town Heroes, The True Love Rules, The Walkmen, the WAYO, The Writers of 22 Minutes, The Zolas, This Ship, This Sound Will Save You, Thus:Owls, Tim Gilbert, Todd Barry, Tom Henry, TOPS, Tough Age, Trillionaires, walrus, Wavves, We Are Wolves, We’re Doomed, Weed Thief, Weirdo Click, Wet Denim, Wild Domestic, Willie Stratton & The Boarding Party, Woodpigeon, Young Galaxy, Zeus, Zora the Sultan

2012 - Ado, Adventure Club, Ain’t No Love, Al Tuck, Ambersand, Ambition, Amos the Transparent, Andie Bulman, Astral Gunk, Atlas Sound, Bad Vibrations, Bane, Barlow, Big John Bates, Billie Dre and the Poor Boys, Bit Funk, Black Moor, Bloodhouse, Born Ruffians, Bredrins, Brian MacQuarrie, Buddy McNeil and the Magic Mirrors, Camp Radio, Canailles, Career Suicide, Castle Wolfenstein, Catholic Gaydar, Catriona Sturton, Cauldron, Ceremony, Cheryl Hann, Club Stoic, Code Orange Kids, Cold Specks, Cold Warps, Cool Blue Halo, cousins, Coyote, Crosss, D.O.A., Dance Laury Dance, Dark for Dark, Death Valley Driver, Deer Tick, DEERVANA, Demetra, Diemonds, DJ Craze, DJ IV, DJ James Reid, DJ T­Woo, Doc Brown, Doom Squad, Dumpster Mummy, Dvbbs, Each Other, El­P, Elliott BROOD, English Words, Eugene Mirman, Extra Happy Ghost!!!, Failure Epics, Fat Stupids, Flag on the Play, Folly and the Hunter, Freak Heat Waves, FRESHTABLES, Gabrielle Papillon and the Mighty Oak, Gianna Lauren, Ginger St. James, Glory Glory, Hands and Teeth, Heather Green, Heaven for Real, Helena Darling, Hey Mother Death, Hip Club Groove, HUMANS, Hymm, Instruments, Irreverend James and the Critical Mass Choir, Jaguar Knight, Jerry Granelli, Jessie Brown, Jon Mckiel, Jon Samuel, Julie Doiron, Kestrels, King Tuff, Kuato, Lantern, Like a Motorcycle, Long Distance Runners, Long Weekends, Mardeen, Mark Davis, MattyBoh, Meisha and the Spanx, Merv Hartlen, Metalheart, Mike O’Neill, Mo Kenney, Monomyth, Mountains & The Trees, Napalam Raid, Nick Bike, North Lakes, of Montreal, Old & Weird, Organ Magic, Outtacontroller, Owen Dacombe Steel, P­80, PANOS, Paper Beat Scissors, Paper Lions, Pat LePoidevin, PINEO, Purity Ring, Quiet Parade, Rain Over St. Ambrose, Revelstoke, Ria Mae, Robert Loveless, Scribbler, Sea Glasses, Seamus Erskine, Sheer Agony, Shooting Guns, Skratch Bastid, Slam Dunk, Sonic Avenues, Southern Shores, Special Costello, Stalwart Sons, Steve Mackie, Stop Motion Massacre, Stratejakets, Symphony Nova Scotia, Tasseomancy, Technical Kidman, Terra Lightfoot, The Belle Comedians, The Bicycles, The Black Lips, The Blind Shake, The Burning Hell, The Dudes, The Elwins, The Green Reflectors, The Group Sound, The Helio Sequence, The Hemingways, The I don’t give a rips, The Novaks, The Nymphets, The Pack A.D., The Spring Standards, The Super Friendz, The Wides, This Sound Will Save You, TORSO, Vixens, We’re Doomed, Weirdo Click, Willie Stratton, Wind Up Radio Sessions, Wintersleep, Word on the Street, Writers’ Strike, Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, Yellowteeth, Young River, Zola Jesus

2011 - A Sight for Sewn Eyes, Acres of Lions, Adam and the Amethysts, Amanita Bloom, Ambition, Amelia Curran, Animal Faces, Audrey and the Agents, The Balconies, Banded Stilts, The Belle Comedians, Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers, Bend the River, Bike Rodeo, The Black Shades, The Blackrats, Bloodhouse, Bonjay, Born Gold, BRAIDS, Bruce Peninsula, Bugs in the Dark, Burdens, Cailean Lewis, Carleton Stone, Carmen Townsend, Cat Bag, Chad VanGaalen, Charlotte Cornfield, Chixdiggit, Chris Page, Cold Warps, Cousins, The Crackling, Dan Mangan, Dance Movie, Daniel Ledwell, The Darcys, DD/MM/YYYY, Deadhorse, The Deadly Hearts, Death Valley Driver, Dennis Ellsworth and the Haunted Hearts, Demon’s Claws, Dezza, Die Brucke, DJ James Reid, DJ T­Woo, Dog Day, Dream Friends, DUZHEKNEW, English Words, Envision, The Extremities, Find the Others, Fucked Up, Gabrielle Papillon, Ghettosocks, Gianna Lauren, Giant Hand, Gigas, Glory Glory, Gloryhound, The Graboids, Graham Wright and the Good Times Band, Greys, Hand Cream, Hind Legs, Hip Club Groove, Honheehonhee, HUE, Ian Kamau, ISBN, Ivy Mairi, Jeff the Brotherhood, Jeff Torbert, Jennifer Castle, Jenocide, Jeremy Glenn, Jesse Dangerously, Jesuslesfilles, JF Robitaille, Jon Mckiel, Juan MacLean, Kepi Ghoulie Electric, Keys N Krates, Kidstreet, Kim Churchill, Kite Hill, Klarka Weinwurm, Kou Chou Ching, Kuato, Lake Names, The Last Felony, Les Jupes, Library Voices, Long Weekends, Megan Bonnell, The Meligrove Band, Miracle Fortress, Mo Kenney, Molly Thomason, More or Les, The Motorleague, Murder by Death, No Joy, The Nuclear, Obsydian, Ohbijou, Old and Weird, Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, Olenka Krakus, One Hundred Dollars, Orchid’s Curse, Outtacontroller, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Paint Movement, Paper Beat Scissors, PAPERMAPS, Pepper Rabbit, Plants and Animals, The Provincial Archive, PS I Love You, Punk Rock Karaoke, Quaker Parents, Quivers, Racoon Bandit, Rain Over St. Ambrose, Rape Faction, RatTail, Relic, Repartee, Reversing Falls, Rich Aucoin and Friends, Rituals, Rome Romeo, Rural Alberta Advantage, Sandman Viper Command, Sex With Strangers, The Shakedown Combo, She Kills, Sheer Agony, Shotgun Jimmie, The Skeletones Four, Skip Jensen, Skratch Bastid, Snailhouse, Something Good, Southern Shores, Spookey Ruben, The Spring Standards, The Standstills, Stars, Suuns, Symphony Nova Scotia, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, The Daredevil Christopher Wright, Thee Oh Sees, The Thermals, These Electric Lives, Timber Timbre, Tiny Danza, Titus Andronicus, Tongan Death Grip, The Town Heroes, Transfixed, Trouble Andrew, The Trouble Shooters, Tupper Ware Remix Party, Twin Shadow, Unexpect, VKNGS, We Were Lovers, We’re Doomed, The Weather Station, Weekend Dads, The Wheat Pool, Whiskey Bent and Hellbound, Wildlife, Windom Earle, Word iz Bond, Zeds Dead

2010 - A Sight for Sewn Eyes, Acres & Acres, Air/Fire, Amos the Transparent, Andrew Watt And The Glory Glory, Baby Eagle, Bad Vibrations, Basia Bulat, Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers, Bike Rodeo, Bird World, Black Moor, Bloodhouse, Boats, Boxer the Horse, Brent Randall, BROKEN OHMS, Burning Love, Burnt Church, C’mon, Camaromance, The Casualties, Chanteuse, Christina Martin, Cold Warps, Construction & Destruction, Contagium, COP SHADES, Cousins, Crosss, Cuff the Duke, Cursed Arrows, d’Eon, Dance Movie, Daniel Romano, THE DARCYS, Dilly Dally, Dinosaur Bones, DJ James Reid, Dog Day, DOIN’ DAMAGE, DUZHEKNEW, Elephant Stone, English Words, Erin Costelo, Extra Happy Ghost!!!, The Extremities, The Famines, Famous Players, Feuermusik, The First Aid Kit, Fistfight, Forest City Lovers, Freelove Fenner, The Friendly Dimension, Fuck Montreal, Gardening, Not Architecture, The Gertrudes, Ghettosocks, Ghostkeeper, Glory Glory Man United, The Golden Dogs, Gramercy Riffs, The Grass, Great Bloomers, Great Lake Swimmers, Grimes, GWAR, Handsome Furs, High On Fire, The Hoa Hoa’s, The Hold Steady, Holy Cobras, Hot Panda, Huron, Hymm, In­Flight Safety, Infernaeon, Isis from THUNDERHEIST, IT KILLS, Jason Collett, Jay Crocker, Jon Mckiel, Just Friends Tribute to Fleetwood Mac, Kestrels, Kylesa, Language ­Arts, Last Call Chernobyl, Laura Merrimen, Laura Peek & and the Winning Hearts, Long Long Long, Mark Sultan, Martyr, Meat Curtains, Mess Folk, Micro Organs, Milks & Rectangles, Mobile Deathcamp, THE MODERN MEN, Modern Superstitions,The Mountains & The Trees, My Brightest Diamond, Myles Deck and the Fuzz, New Pornographers, The North End Metal All­Stars, North of America, The Nymphets, Old Man Luedecke, Orchid’s Curse, The Pack A.D., Panic!, Pat Lepoidevin, Picnicface Presents Movies That Killed Disco, The Pink Noise, Play Guitar, Pop Winds, Quaker Parents, Quivers, Racoon Bandit, Radio Radio, Random Recipe, Rebekah Higgs, Rockets Red Glare, Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees, Shotgun Jimmie, Silly Kissers, Silver Dapple, Sloan, Snorri Helgason, So Cow, Soaking Up Jagged, STYROFOAM ONES, The Superfantastics, Tasseomancy, Teenanger, Ten Kens, The.Daisy.Anthesis, Three Sheet, Tokyo Police Club, Torche, Tupper Ware Remix Party, TV Party, Ty Segall, Vilipend, We Are Action, the WHITE WIRES, The Wilderness of Manitoba, Windom Earle, Wordburglar, Young Rival

2009 - The Acorn, A History Of, Ancestors, Architects, Attack in Black, Barn Burner, Bike Rodeo, Black Moor, Boys Who Say No, Brian Borcherdt, Bruce Peninsula, By Divine Right, Cadence Weapon, Carpenter, Crissi Cochrane, Crystal Antlers, Dance Electric, The Danks, Dan Mangan, Danny K, Dead Wife, Devil Eyes, Diemonds, Dinosaur Bones, The Divorcees, Dog Day, Double A, Doug Hoyer, D­Sisive, Dusty Keleher, The Eddie Orso Band, The Elwins, Entire Cities, Ex­Po, The Fat Stupids, Fear of Lipstick, Final Fantasy, The First Aid Kit, Forest City Lovers, Fox Jaws, Gamma Gamma Rays, Gibset, The Gideons, Girl Talk, The Got to Get Got, Grand Trine, The Grass, Grass Market, Gravity Wave, Great Bloomers, Hannah Georges, The Hemingways, Herman Dune, Hopeful Monster, Hot Panda, Husband & Knife, In This Style, Jane’s Party, Japandroids, Japanther, Jason Bajada, Jenn Grant, Jenocide, Julie Doiron, Julie Fader, The Just Barelys, Kay Gee, Kestrels, Kill Krinkle Club, Lake of Stew, Little Girls, The Lodge, Lovesinger, The Magnificent Sevens, Mardeen, Mates of State, Maylee And Todd, The Mighty Northumberland, MSTRKRFT, Nadja, Norma MacDonald, Oh No Forest Fires, Oldfolks Home, Olenka & The Autumn Lovers, Off the International Radar, Ohbijou, Owen, The Pack A.D., The Pain Movement, Pig, Play Guitar, Poison Percy Rufus, The Prospector’s Union, Pterodactyl, Red Mass, Rich Aucoin, Said the Whale, Scientists of Sound, Secret Colours, The Sleepless Nights, Slow Down Molasses, Smothered in Hugs, Snailhouse, Special Noise, Sports The Band, Sprengjuhollin, The Stolen Minks, Straight Reads the Line, The Subtitles, Tex, Their Majesties, Think About Life, Thomas/Richard, Thrushes, Thy Flesh Consumed, Timber Timbre, Tomcat Combat, Two Hours Traffic, Uigg, Valleys, The Weather Station, We The Undersigned, Will Currie & The Country Fresh, York Redoubt, Y­Rush, You and Me, YSPWSD, Yukon Blonde, Zeus

2008 - History Of, A Sight for Sewn Eyes, A/V, Above All Else, Al Tuck, American Eric, Amos The Transparent, Amy Campbell, Andre Charles Theriault, Andrew Vincent, Andy Swan, Attack Mode, Bad Flirt, Basia Bulat, Bloodsport, Bob Wiseman, Boxer The Horse, Brian Borcherdt, Broken Ohms, Brutal Knights, Catherine MacLellan, Children of Eve, Code Pie, Construction and Destruction, Contagium, CR Avery, Criminal Intent, Dan Ledwell, DJ Cosmo, Don Vail, Electrolyte, Emm Gryner, Envision, Erin Costelo, First Aid Kit, Gallactus, Genetic Angry, Ghettosocks, Ghost Bees, Golden Hands Before God, Grand Analog, Greenbelt Collective, GZA, Hellacaust, Hilotrons, Holy Fuck, Horses, Hot Springs, Inbreds, Innes Wilson, INSTRUMENTS, Iron Giant, Islands, J Gutta, Jay Reatard, J­Bru, Jessie Kussin (Cry Rumble), Joe Buck, Josh Ritter, Julie Fader, Katie Stelmanis, Kestrels, Kill Krinkle Club, Last Laugh, Laura Barrett, Laura Peek, Malcolm Bauld, Matt Reid & Friends, Matthew Barber, Meaghan Smith, Memories Attack, Metz, Mike Evin, Modernboys Moderngirls, Monotonix, Mt. Royal, Murder Sounds, Myles Deck and the Fuzz, Nick Zubeck, Orchid’s Curse, Parlovr, Pete Samples, Peter Project w/ More Or, Play Guitar, Pomegranates, Quake, Rebekah Higgs, Retribution Gospel Choir, Rich Aucoin, Richard, Ron Sexsmith with Symphony Nova Scotia, Ruby Coast, Ruth Minnikin, Said The Whale, Scarce, Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains, Share, Shawn Hewitt, Shelter With Thieves, Shortpants Romance, Smothered in Hugs, Snow Picnic, Special Noise, Spiral Beach, Sports: the Band, Statues, Sunparlour Players, Swedish Death Polka, Tanya Davis, Ten Second Epic, The Beginners, The Bicycles w/Prairie Cat, The D’Ubervilles, The Diableros, The Endless Blockade, The Gideons, The Got to Get Got, The Grass, The Lodge, The Love Machine, The Maynards, The Meligrove Band, The Prospectors Union, The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Spades, The Stance, The Superfantastics, The Western Civilization, The Winter Sounds, Thundrah, Tomcat Combat, Township Expansion, Trigger Effect, Two Hours Traffic, Tyler Messick, VKNGS, White Cowbell Oklahoma, Windom Earle, Woodhands, Young Rival and Young Widows.

2007 - History Of, A/V, Aids Wolf, Apostle of Hustle, Athaliahs, Attack in Black, Baby Eagle, Be Bad, Blue Heeler, Blueprint, Brent Randall & His Pinecones, Brother Ali, Buried Inside, Carmen Townsend & the Shaky Deals (TBC), Casey Baker and the Buffalo Sinners, Chad Hatcher, Cherie Pyne, Construction/Destruction, Dammien Alexander, Dance Electric , David Myles, David Picco & Jetset Motel , Die Brucke, DJ BK One, DJ Raregroove, Dog Day, Eric’s Trip, Forest City Lovers, Foxfire Forest, Germans, Ghettosocks, Glory Hound and the Sky Hawks, Grand Theft Bus, Great Plains, Half Life Records Showcase, Husband and Knife, i see rowboats, In This Style, In­Flight Safety, J­Bru, Joel Plaskett, Jordan Croucher, Just Barelys, Kate Maki, Kill the Lights, Land of Talk, Laura Peek and the Winning Hearts, Lil’ Andy, Matt Mays and El Torpedo, Measured in Angles, Melissa McClelland, Mic Boyd, Miracle Fortress, Mother Mother, Old Time Relijun, Orillia Opry, Ox, Pamela Underwater, Play Guitar, Pride Tiger, Rich Aucoin, Ruby Coast, Saint Alvia Cartel, Save September, Shapes and Sizes, Share, Shawn Fogel, She’s No Angel, Shotgun Jimmie, Small Sins, Sole and the Skyrider Band, Tacktishion, The Barmitzvah Brothers, The Besnard Lakes, The Bicycles, The Divorcees, The Dudes, The First­Aid Kit, The Flatliners, The Fussy Part, The Got to Get Got, The Memories Attack, The Moist Towelettes, The Most Serene Republic, The Museum Pieces, The Olympic Symphonium, The Sleepless Nights, The Superfantastics, The Zoobombs, Their Majesties, Their Majesties, These Electric Lives, Tim Chaisson, Tom Fun Orchestra, Torso, Two Hours Traffic, Two Minute Miracles, United Steelworkers of Montreal, Upstream’s Sunrise Orchestra, Vennt, VKNGS, Wil, Windom Earle, Y Rush, Young Galaxy

2006 - Al Tuck, A/V, Atmosphere, Barmitzvah Brothers, Be Bad, The Beginners, The Bicycles, Bionic, Bless, breNt randall and his pinecones, Broken Deer, Cadence Weapon, Caledonia, The Chainletter, Christine Fellows, The Cliks, Clothes Make the Man, dd/mm/yyyy, Dearly Beloved, Diableros, Die Brucke, DJ Lap One, Dog Day, Dollarama, Double A, Down With The Butterfly, Duchess Says, Dusty Keeler, Establishment, Eugene Ripper, Fax 4, Five Blank Pages, For Pluto, Fucked Up, Gamma Gamma Rays, Garbage!Violence!Enthusiasim!, Geoff Berner, Get Tested, Giselle Numba One, Golden Dogs, Great Lake Swimmers, Great Plains, The Hold, Holy Fuck, Holy Shroud, Hope, Hotchiwitchi, Hotshotrobot, IMF, INSTRUMENTS, Iron Giant, Jenn Grant, Joel Plaskett, Symphony Nova Scotia, Jonny Stevens, Jon Mckiel JoN­Rae, Jordan Dare, Julie Doiron, The Just Barelys, Kelly and the Kellygirls, Knock Knock Ginger, K­OS, Land of Talk, Language Arts, Laura Peek, Lighthouse Choir, Lil Andy, Lily Frost, Lokdown Crew, Mac Lethal, Mardeen, Maximum RnR, Meligrove Band, Mélissa Laveaux, Memphis, My Little Radio, Old Man Luedecke, PMX, Psalm One, Pony Up, Raising the Fawn, Randy, Rebekah Higgs, Remptika Hipsters, Shad K, Shotgun & Jaybird, Sko Shun Tiez, Sleepless Nights, Small Sins, Smothered In Hugs, The Slip, The Sourkeys, The Spades, Spesh K, The Stance, Stephanie Hardy, Stolen Minks, The Superfantastics, Sylvie, Their Majesties, The Tom Fun Orchestra, Uncut, Wax Mannequin, The Weakerthans, We Are Wolves, Windom Earle, Wintersleep, Wooley Leaves

2005 - A Northern Chorus, Aide De Camp, Alcona, Alpha Flight, Anonamyss, Chad VanGaalen, Chixdiggit, Christopher Rees, Damn 13, David Trenaman, Death by Nostalgia, Dog Day, Don Vail, Dr. dFunkt, EMC, Ermine, Fax 4, Femme Generation, Field Register, Ghosts of Modern Ma, Gilbert Switzer, God Made Me Funky, Great Plains, Hawksley Workman, Heatskores, Hexes and Ohs, Hunter Valentine, In­Flight Safety, Iron Giant, Japanther, Jenn Grant, Jesse Dangerously, Jill Barber, Jon Epworth Band, Jonny Stevens, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, K’naan, Malcolm Bauld, Melonworks, Museum Pieces, New Idea Society, North of America, On Vinyl, Plants & Animals, Populars, Priestess, Recyclone, Risky Business, Royal Wood, Sharp Like Knives, Shawn Hewitt, Shelter With Thieve, Sons of Butcher, Special Noise, Sweet Tenders, Ted Leo/Pharmacists, Terratomb, The Ditchpigs, The Fembots, The Hemingways, The Hot Springs, The Last Deal, The Letter Unfolds, The Madcowboys, The Maughams, The Meligrove Band, The Threat, Third Six, Timber, Turnstiles, Universal Soul, Woodhands, World Provider, Yellow.

2004 - 52 minutes, Amy Campbell, Arcade Fire, Atomic Machets, Beat Material, Beaumont Hamel, Brian Borcherdt, Burn the 8 track, Chaotic Roots , Choke, C’mon , controller.controller , Despistado, Evalyn Parry , Farewell to Freeway , Field Register , Gary Flannagen, Grand Buffett, Height and Bow, Hi Lo Trons, Hollow, Holy Fuck, Holy Shroud, Hope, Illuminati, Jet Project Labs, Kevin Devine, Kinnie Star, Les Mods, Magneta Lane, Mario Poupette, Montgomery Moth, Mood Ruff, Offsides, Oh God, Oh Susanna, Parker Lewis, Peter Parkers, Porcelain Gods, Reid Jameson, Romeo Liquor Store, Second Front, She Kills, Shotgun and Jaybird, SNFU, Sourkeys, Spengler, Spinoza, Stolen Minks, The Burdocks, The Frenetics, The Hidden Cameras, The Hold, The Lighthouse Choir, The New Breed, The Organ, The Wrens, Tijuana Bibles, Two Hours Traffic, Uncut, Veda Hille, Viking Club, Wax Manequinn.

2003 - 3hree6ix5ive, A Northern Chorus, Aaron Booth, Amy Millan, Attic, Blackout 77, Bleep, Bleubird, blueScreen, Broken Social Scene, Carnations, Ceilidh, Chris Page, ColourTV, Contrived, Cuff the Duke, Dale Murray, Dean Malenkos, Death by Nostalgia, Death From Above , Dionisus, Ditchpigs, Dreams Among Stars, Dusty Sorbet & the Rusty Wheels, Ermine, Fembots, Full White Drag, Gaffer, GOB, Golden Dogs, Grand Theft Bus, Hell, Hospital Grade, i was a spy, J Bru, Jason Collett, Jimmy Swift Band, Johnny Hardcore, Jon Epworth, Khyber, Kitchens & Bathrooms, Kunga219, Les Savy Fav, Meligrove Band, New Breed, Oh God, Ok Lucky, Other Brother Alice, RadarFame, Rock Ranger, Ron Sexsmith, Run Chico Run, Sick of Thought, Sixes and Sevens, Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy, The Coast Guard, The Debonaires, The Hemingways, The Midways, The Reason, This Message Will Self Destruct, Tyler Messick, Unicorns, Urban Surf Kings, warsawpack, Wintersleep.

2002 - 283, Andrew Duke, Andrew Vincent & the Pirates, Attic, Bane, Below The Sea, Bending Mouth, Blurtonia, Bodega, Cat Power, Cheerleader, Chore, Constantines, Contrived, Crooked Fingers, Dead Red, Dean Malenkos, Envision, Eugene Ripper, Flush, Gentleman Reg, Girls Are Short, Grand Theft Bus, Greg MacPherson, Holding Pattern, Hot Hot Heat, Hot Little Rocket, I am Robot and Proud, Jimmy Swift Band, Joel Plaskett, Kepler, Khyber, King Konqueror, Kiss Me Deadly, K­OS, K­Tels, Leviride, Little Miss Moffatt, Made In The World, Martin Tielli, Matt Mays & El Torpedo, Mellonova, Mitch & The Motorhomes, Neuseiland, New Breed, North of America, Organizers, Paper Moon, Paradigm, Pavilion, Pete Arsenault, Picastro, Planet, Pretty Deadlies, Radiogram, Rock Four, Rock Ranger, Royal City, Seahorse, Shyne Factory, Soft Canyon, Telepathic Butterflies, Tes­One, The Burdocks, The Candidates, The Co­Stars, The Innerstate, The Killing, The Maynards, The Parkas, The Peter Parkers, The Plan, The Vermicious Knid, Universal Soul, Warming Signs, Windom Earle.

2001 - *AM Stereo, A/V, Al Tuck, Bonshaw, Bontempi, Buck 65, Burt Neilson Band, Butterfly Effect, By Divine Right, Chicks on Speed, Chore, Christine Fellows, Classified, Dead Red, Duotang, Dusty Sorbet, Edgy, Eugene Ripper, Eulcid, Eyes For Telescopes, Garth Hudson, Heavy Blinkers, Heavy Meadows, Heelwalkers, J Bizzy, Jimmy Swift Band, Jokes Over, Julie Doiron, Jupiter Tapes, Kid Twist, King Konquerer, Kingpins, Les Sequelles, Little Miss Moffat, Lloyd Crandal & the Organizers, Mr Dibbs, Neuisland, North of America, Novillero, Orange Glass, Peaches, Pegasus Plus, Professor Louis and the Crowmatix, Projektor, Rock Ranger, Rocket Science, Rockets Red Glare, Roosevelt Tharpa, Russian Futurists, Sage Francis, Scratch Bastard, Sector Seven, Sixtoo, Slight Return, Slowlover, Snailhouse, Spengler, Spesh Ill K, Straight Eight Deluxe, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Tangiers, Tetrazine, The Burdocks, The Getaway, The Guthries, The Lampshades, The Meligrove Band, The New Breed, The Weekend, The Weakerthans, Weights & Measures

2000 - no festival was held.

1999 (as Halifax On Music) - Pansy Division, The Smugglers, Blurtonia, The Bonaduces, Flashlight, Julie Doiron, Plumtree, Wooden Stars, Mean Red Spiders, Lonnie James (anyone with a full lineup please

1998 (as Halifax On Music) - The Rheostatics, Punchbuggy, Lonnie James, Mooney Suzuki, Bodega, Wayne Omaha, Flashing Lights, Bionic, The New Grand, Orange Glass, Stinkin’ Rich, Low, North Of America, Heavy Blinkers, Tristan Psionic, Kick Like 50, b’ehl, Equation Of State, Urban Surf Kings, Martello, Steaming Toolie, The Shysters, Soaking Up Jagged, Neuseiland, Burnt Black, Peter Parkers, Piggy, Ciao Bella, Rick of the Skins, Defense Andrew, Kid Twist, Ida, SUM, Wheat, Choclair, Kardinal Offishal, Tara Chase, Kon Quest, Ultra Sound Crew, Trans Am.

1997 (as Halifax On Music) - Admiral, By Divine Right, Cheticamp, Cool Blue Halo, Deadly Snakes, Holler, Julie Doiron, Lady Bug Transistor, Moonsocket, Neko Case, Number One Cup, Pansy Division, Papas Fritas, Plumtree, Rebecca West, Richard Davies, Rome Plows, Ron Sexsmith, Shallow North Dakota, Shyne Factory, Soaking Up Jagged, Starbeam, State Champs, Straight, Syrup USA, Teen Wolf, The Euphonic, The Grifters, The Inbreds, the Ten Cent Wings, The Vees, Thrush Hermit, Tricky Woo, Yo La Tengo

1996 (as Halifax On Music) - Rome Plows, Cool Blue Halo, Tristan Psionic, Thrush Hermit, Olympic Death Squad, State Champs, Broken Girl, Duotang, Jale, Thursday Toads, Cleveland Steamer, Mad Hat, Tristan Psionic, The Super Friendz, Change Of Heart, Dusty Sorbet, Lonnie James, Urban Surf Kings, Sianspheric4, Pushkings, Scud Mountain Boys, Change of Heart, Sloan, Mrs Torrance , Transister, Rebecca West, Giant Sand, Absolutely Nothing, Trike, Supercar, The Chitz, Andy McDaniel, Piggy, Danko Jones, Plumtree, Local Rabbits, Mavis Piggott, Elevator To Hell, Chixdiggit.

1995 - Al Tuck, Bad Luck #13, Broken Girl, Cleveland Steamer, Cool Blue Halo, Coyote, Crappo 2, Cub, Curb, Dambuilders, Duochrome, Dusty Sorbet, Elevator to Hell, Elliot Smith, Eric’s Trip, Fire Engine Red, Hayden, Hedge, Hip Club Groove, Jale, Joyce Raskin, Kudzu, Leonard Conan, Les Pichous, L’il Orton Hoggett, Made, Madhat, Maker’s Mark, Mighty Fishermen, Monoxides, Moonsocket, Nerdy Girl, New Brunswick, New Grand, Orange Glass, Pansy Division, Plumtree, Pluto, Posies, Poumons, Preppy Relatives, Radio Blaster, Rebecca West, Ruffneck, Scratching Post, Sixtoo, Smoother, Snailhouse, Spaceneedle, Squirrel, State Champs, Stinkin’ Rich, Strawberry, The Super Friendz, The Chinstraps, The Fastbacks, The Motes, The Sadies, Thee Suddens, Thrush Hermit, Trike, Witchdoc Jo­run +guests, Wooden Stars.

1994 - The Spinanes, Bob Wiseman, Blonde Red Head, Merge, Strawberry, Stereolab, Mary Lou Lord, Change of Heart, Hardship Post, The Monoxides, Sunny Day Real Estate, Tristan Psionic, Six Finger Satellite, Pest, The Liz Band, Coyote, Scarce, Thrush Hermit, Treble Charger, Scarce, Hardship Post, Local Rabbits, Suckerpunch, Thee Suddens, Mona, Hedge, Eric’s Trip, Hip Club Groove & Stinkin Rich, The Superfriendz, Trike, State Champs, Jale, Al Tuck & No Action, Rebecca West, Plumtree.

1993 - Velocity Girl, jale, Plumtree, Strawberry, Lou Barlow, Hardship Post, Eric’s Trip, Quahogs, Doughboys, Bubaiskull, One Free Fall, Leonard Conan, Scarce, Merge, Redd Kross, Cheticamp, Karen Foster, Thrush Hermit, Hip Club Groove.