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Pop singer-songwriter Maccie always had a passion for music; her first love was singing. Maccie recalls singing even when she was a toddler. At age 7 she discovered the piano and by age 8 she was hooked. Maccie taught herself almost everything she knows on piano and that’s the story for every instrument she lays her hands on. At age 16 Maccie’s mother gave her a guitar and her life changed–she began writing songs! Maccie now plays piano, guitar, d’jembe, and kora all by ear. As Maccie’s passion for music grew, she decided to enroll at Ryerson University, and focussed on music production and the art of recording. Soon after, she started performing in small cafes and since then has performed sold out shows at the Opera House as well as entertained packed crowds at Yonge and Dundas Square. Jenesis Magazine declared her a “Must Listen”, and her list of features include AUX TV, Rogers TV, City TV, CBC, and HIFI Music Channel. Maccie’s raw and powerful voice will send chills through your spine and spark a fire in your heart.

Primal is Maccie’s debut EP. Born out of passion and shaped by resilience, Primal represents Maccie’s acceptance of her real self. Primal is powerfully dark, passionate, sexual, honest and seeks no forgiveness. Working closely with Toronto producer Jeff Hazin, Maccie has created a sound that stands alone. Inspired by chaotic emotion and unconditional love, Primal touches the soul and lifts you up. The first single off Primal, “High”, encapsulates female strength and independence but the EP is versatile. It hits hard and heavy with rock tinged dance songs like “High” and “Wrong Girl”, entices the mind with “Bleed” and “Body Bounce”, then embraces fragility and vulnerability with the painfully beautiful song, “Floating”. Primal is for the untamed soul.